How to Build A 7-Figure Coaching Business

It's time to expand your possibilities and take your business to the next level by implementing tried-and-true strategies.

How to Build a 7-Figure Coaching Business


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This comprehensive book will teach you proven strategies for building a profitable coaching business.

From creating a strong brand and finding the perfect target market to developing high-ticket programs and scaling your business, you'll get step-by-step guidance to help you reach your goals.


  • Find the riches in the niches, identify, & target your ideal clients
  • Create your "7-Figure Talk That Sells" and profit repeatedly   
  • Know where to market and create lead generation that converts
  • Leverage the resources of other people's people (OPP) & stages' (OPS)
  • ​Develop a sales process that feels natural and authentic
  • Close high-paying clients with confidence
  • ​Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build your business
  • Bonus: Write a book in 30 days & position yourself as the expert​ in your field

"How to Build A 7-Figure Coaching Business" is the perfect guide for coaches who want to prosper with specific instructions, real-life examples, and Lisa's personal guidance.


"Using Lisa's signature formula, her 7-figure talk process, and her deep dive into what people really need, want, and desire, she showed me how to help provide that value and that transaction to them. I've been able to generate millions, that's right seven figures in sales."

– Jerremy Newsome, Stock Expert, Real Life Trading

"WOW! Lisa Lieberman-Wang is the real deal. She’s a legit marketing superstar. I worked with her on my first mastermind, and together we crushed a six-figure talk that sold incredibly well. With all candor, I’m normally underwhelmed by other people’s level of work commitment. But working with Lisa was so different; it was refreshing. At every opportunity, she went above and beyond to make sure all the fine details were executed to completion. Because of Lisa, the results we generated together were phenomenal. Her abilities, strategies, and willingness to optimize are among the many reasons I’m going to be working with Lisa for many years to come.” 

– Todd Hartley, CEO of WireBuzz, Tony Robbins Business Mastery Speaker

"What has been fascinating for me is to watch Lisa bring such a high level of expertise from so many disciplines, from personal growth and development and the psychology of success to marketing and pragmatic business strategies, and weave it all together seamlessly while honestly delivering some of the best content that I've seen in any of those spaces for a lot of years."

– Deb Battersby, Success Matrix, CEO, Maverick Coaching

"You go to Lisa when you want your mind blown. She has been a board advisor for over a decade, actively helping us with strategic marketing as we built multiple multi-million-dollar businesses in the health and wellness space, while saving lives. "

– DR. Roger Sahoury, #1 Bestseller, SprintSet Energizing Weight Loss System

"When I first started coaching with Lisa Lieberman-Wang, I realized within the 1st month that it was the BEST investment I have made in myself in the last 12 years.

Since working with her, I made over $420,000 in the first year working with Lisa. To be honest, I am not shocked. Lisa knows how to look at what you are doing and how to make it better. She knows how to leverage resources that you may have never thought of.

If you are looking to take your business to another level, learn new ways to leverage, and how to create more income, Lisa is a MUST.”

– Veenu Keller, Parent/Child Peacemaker

“About 2 years ago I took the Tony Robbins online program KBB, The Knowledge business blueprint and I finished but I got stuck because I guess you're supposed to figure it out after that on your own.

I'm so fortunate I met Lisa… I took her online business program master to millions and her platinum coaching and the very first week after I was done with the program, I made $23,000.” Followed by a high six figures in the following months. “Lisa, I'm blessed by you and can't wait to be making more money with you.”

– Magie Cook, Food Business Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Nobel Prize Winner

Meet The Coaches Coach - Creating Million Dollar Businesses

Lisa Lieberman-Wang
Business & Marketing Strategist

Industry expert and multi-millionaire business coach Lisa Lieberman-Wang can help you build your coaching business to seven figures and beyond. 

As a successful business coach and entrepreneur who has helped countless coaches and consultants take their businesses to new heights. With over three decades of experience in the coaching industry, she has a proven track record of success and a wealth of knowledge to share with her readers.

She has done over $165 million in personal sales in her career and with one of her organizations. As a former Fortune 500 executive, Lisa built and led the top 1% of sales breaking records.

She has been helping business owners create 7 and 8-figure revenues, and become experts in their industry by combining timeless business principles employed by billion-dollar corporations with the speed and agility of today’s most powerful online marketing strategies. 

Lisa specializes in helping entrepreneurs unlock their fullest potential using the most powerful neuroscience and human psychology tools and programs. She teaches you how to build your business, create successful online programs, master a "7-Figure Talk That Sells", show you how to price and market your programs, and create funnels to drive traffic so you can actually see tangible results over and over again. She even provides the teams to do it for you.

She has been featured in every major publication and television station ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, The CW, Huffington Post, Harvard, TEDx and more. Recognized as “Top 25 Women Entrepreneurs” by Leading Women Entrepreneurs. 

Today, Lisa is a multiple time #1 best-selling author, Founder and CEO of FINE to FAB, and Mastery to Millions.

"So proud of you. You said you were going to do it and you did. Not everyone does what they say."

~ Tony Robbins *Peak Performance Life and Business Strategist, Author and Philanthropist

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